It's Going To Be A Wet Winter: 3 Reasons You Need To Have Your Storm Drains Cleaned

If you've got storm drains in your yard, it's time to get them cleaned out. Winter is coming, and with it, lots of rain and snow. The storm drains in your yard are your first-line of defense against potential water damage. Unfortunately, most people don't think about their storm drains until it's too late to prevent a disaster. However, by having your plumber come out and clean your storm drains before the winter rains and snow arrive, you could protect your home from some serious problems. Here are three important reasons you should have your storm drains cleaned before the winter storms arrive.

Prevent Flooding Problems

The purpose for your storm drains is to prevent flooding in your home and yard. Unfortunately, if your storm drains aren't cleaned each year, they may not be able to provide you with the protection you need. During the year, your storm drains can get covered with all types of debris, including leaves. The problem with leaves becomes even more prevalent during the fall when the trees lose their foliage. If you don't get that debris removed quickly, storm water will have no where to drain to, which means it could end up inside your home. If your home floods and you haven't taken proper care of your storm drains, you could end up having your insurance claim denied. You can avoid those problems this winter by having your storm drains cleaned before you're faced with flooding.

Remove Contamination Hazards

You may think that your storm drains are only filled with dirt and debris, however, that might not be entirely true. In fact, your storm drains could be filled with things that could cause harm to you and your family. It's not uncommon for small animals to get trapped in storm drains and die. Toxic household chemicals can also find their way into your storm drains. By having your storm drains cleaned before winter arrives, your plumber will be able to remove those contamination hazards.

Reduce Issues with Deeper Clogs

Your storm drains may only have a bit of debris blocking the drainage grate. However, each time it rains, that debris is washed down into your storm drains. If you have your drains cleaned early in the season, you could end up with clogs deep down inside your storm drains. If that happens, you could be faced with worse flooding, especially if the water inside the storm drain backs up into your home, or yard.

Don't get stuck with flooding, and other drain-related hazards this winter. Have your storm drains cleaned by a company like Cleary Plumbing before the wet, winter weather arrives.