What Could Go Wrong With Your Water Heater Installation?

Water heaters can last several years before they need to be replaced. When it is time for replacement, you must be careful with the selection and installation of the appliance. If not, problems could occur. To help you avoid water heater-related disasters, here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Choosing the Wrong Model and Type

Water heaters are available in a wide range of models and type. Unfortunately, some homeowners tend to look at the price of the water heater more so than other factors. The chosen water heater could be the wrong type and not be able to meet the needs of the user. Worse yet, it could require replacement sooner than expected.

To avoid this, you need to consider your needs and shop according to those. For instance, if energy efficiency is important to you, focus on water heaters that offer energy savings, such as a tankless water heater. You also need to think about the size of the tank, energy source, and installation location.

Rushing the Installation

While installing the water heater, there are some steps that could result in damage to the appliance if they are not carefully done. Unless you have professional experience with installing water heaters, you can find it takes a few hours to install the water heater. Even though you want to get it done as quickly as possible, you must take your time.

For instance, you will have to solder fittings on the water heater to secure the connections. If you rush the process and fail to allow the fittings time to cool, you could have trouble with assembling the heater. Some parts could even be damaged by the heat from the parts.

Skipping the Insulation

Insulating the water heater is often overlooked by amateur installers. However, insulating the appliance could lead to significant energy savings. The insulation process is not complicated, but it does take time to ensure it is properly done.

There are a couple of available options for insulating the water heater's tank, including using an insulating blanket. The blanket is specially designed to hug the body of the water heater and keep the contents warm. To use the blanket, you will have to cut it to fit your water heater and make sure it is properly taped.

Other mistakes that could lead to problems with your water heater are avoidable if you hire an experience plumber to help with the selection and installation of the appliance. Contact a company, like Quality Plumbing, for more help.