HVAC Maintenance And Care Concerns

The performance and effectiveness of your air conditioning and heating system will be determined by an assortment of factors. Learning about the types of upgrades that can be made and the preventive steps that can keep your system functioning at peak performance.

Are There Advantages To Upgrading To Washable Filters?

Changing the air filters will be a type of maintenance that must be done each month to prevent the system from becoming compromised. This can include the system failing to pull enough air into the blower, which may lead to a reduction in the air pressure coming from your vents. Unfortunately, replacing your air filters on a regular basis will be fairly bad for the environment, but it is possible to greatly reduce the waste from this maintenance by upgrading to washable air filters. By hand washing and air drying the filters, you will be able to remove the dirt and dust that may have accumulated on it.

Why Does The HVAC System Produce Odors When It Is Running?

In climates where you may go weeks or longer between uses of the HVAC system, you may find that the system produces stale or foul odors. This occurs due to dust and other particles gathering in the system, and they will be disturbed by the air blowing through the system. In most instances, this odor will quickly fade. However, if you find that it continues for a protracted period of time, it could indicate that mold growths may be the cause. When mold is the source of these odors, you will need to have the system professionally cleaned if you are to address these odors. Often, mold problems can be traced to imbalances in the system's humidity levels or leaks in the ducting, and repairing these issues will be essential for preventing the problem from returning in the future.

What Is Contributing To The Air Conditioner Or Heater Being Extremely Loud While It Is In Operation?

An extremely loud air conditioning or heating system may be an extremely disruptive to life in your home. In addition to being a nuisance, this issue could also indicate that your system on the verge of suffering a catastrophic failure. Mechanical issues can lead to the metal components rubbing or banging into each other. Only an experienced HVAC technician will be able to effectively diagnose the source of the sounds, and you should contact these professionals to service your system as soon as possible to reduce the risk of serious complications arising.

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