Tree Roots And Sewer Pipe Damage: Take Steps To Keep Your Plumbing Safe

If you're concerned about keeping your home's plumbing safe and healthy, you might place your fats, oils, and grease into a container instead wash them down your sink. You may even tell your children to monitor what they flush down your toilet. But if you don't keep an eye out on the tree roots in your yard, they could damage your sewer line. You can prevent tree roots from destroying your sewer line and plumbing system with the essential information and tips listed below.

Prune Your Roots

Roots can travel great distances to find water, minerals, and other nutrients. Because your sewer line contains water, roots can plug, infiltrate, or break through them. A crushed or damaged sewer line can leak toxic wastewater beneath your soil. Over time, wastewater can seep above ground and create cesspools on the soil and grass. The waste can also spill or back up into your home.

You can have your tree roots pruned to avoid the hazardous problems above. You may want to hire a tree specialist to do the pruning for you. Some trees can die if you prune their roots too much. Tree roots can also grow longer and branch out more if you cut them too much. 

After you have your roots pruned, get your sewer line inspected for damage.

Get Your Sewer Line Inspected and Treated

Tree roots can grow deep under the ground to find water. If any of the roots managed to get close to your sewer line, they can eventually damage them. Sewer lines can collapse from damage. A plumbing specialist can inspect and treat your sewer line.

A plumber will generally use a camera to inspect the interior and exterior surfaces of your sewer line. The camera can reveal damage hidden beneath the line as well. If roots are encroaching on the line, a plumber can use the camera footage to pinpoint them.

If the roots aren't around or near the sewer line, a plumber may suggest that you have a tree or root contractor remove them. If the roots have damaged the line, a plumber can remove that section. However, it may be safer to replace the line completely. 

Some plumbers can remove tree roots from inside sewer lines with hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting uses a powerful stream of water to push or shoot debris through a pipeline. The cleaning also breaks up the debris so that it doesn't clog up the line again. Jet cleaning is often the best choice for homeowners who don't want to deal with a sewer line clog in the future.

It you're ready to protect your home's sewer line and plumbing system, contact a residential plumbing company, such as First Class Plumbing LLC, today.