3 Important Considerations For New Water Well Owners

Have you recently moved to a house that has a well instead of being hooked up to a city water system? Are you wondering if there is anything special you need to do to ensure that you continue to get water from the well? In general, most wells need very little in the way of maintenance and upkeep. But there are definitely still things you should keep in mind in order to be able to get the most out of your well. Some of these things include:

Water testing: Well water is typically extremely safe to drink. However, this doesn't mean that you should trust it blindly. Heavy rains, especially if there is flooding involved, can force various contaminants to enter your well. Because of this, you should have your well tested on a regular basis, both for bacteria and for other types of contamination. If bacteria are found, sterilization can be as easy as pouring a certain amount of chlorine down the well and re-testing in a few days. Other types of contamination may be more difficult, but aren't necessarily impossible, to deal with. Always check with a professional if you suspect that something may be amiss with your well.

Pump repair: It's a good idea to not tinker with your well pump yourself in an attempt to save money. Attempting well water pump repair on your own, if you don't know what you're doing, could result in a pump that is even worse off than before. It's not uncommon for an amateur person to accidentally drop one or more tools down the well shaft in the process of attempting a well water pump repair. Dropping a tool down the well shaft could lead to serious contamination issues that could lead to the expensive digging of another well, especially if the tool or tools in question can't be retrieved.

Pump replacement: If you have the room, you may want to consider purchasing a spare well pump and setting it aside just in case. Although most issues can be fixed by someone who is skilled in well water pump repair, there eventually comes a time in any machine's life when it is simply beyond repair. Waiting and buying a new pump at that time is possible, but you could also have no water for several days while waiting for the new pump to arrive. Having a spare pump already on your property will allow the repair technician to immediately swap out the old pump for the new one with minimal downtime and loss of water usage.

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