How To Avoid A Plumbing Disaster Caused By Visiting Holiday Guests

For most of the year, you are the only one living in your own home. You have more control over how things are done on a daily basis, which includes how you treat your home's plumbing. However, the holidays can bring guests to your home that do not treat your plumbing with the same amount of respect. Here are some tips for avoiding a plumbing disaster caused by your guests.

Clean Your Drains

The holidays will cause the need for a lot more cooking in your home, which means the chance of food finding its way down a drain will be greater. That is why it helps to give the drains a fighting chance against clogs by cleaning them out. Your kitchen sink in particular can not only suffer from clogs, but nasty odors caused by food that accidentally goes down the drain. A guest may think they are doing you a favor by washing the dishes, but they could actually cause more trouble by doing so by not thinking about what food goes into the sink.

To clean your drains, you'll need to get some lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda. Pour one cup of the baking soda directly into the drain, and allows it to sit there for around 15 minutes. Then follow it with a cup of the vinegar. These two ingredients should mix together for around 10 minutes before you plush the pipe with approximately one gallon of water that you boiled on the stove. Add some lemon juice afterwards to deal with any odors.

Protect Your Garbage Disposal

If your guests have never used a garbage disposal before, they may think it's a magical container that can destroy any food that goes into it. What your guests may not know is that some foods are not designed to be put into a garbage disposal no matter how soft they may seem.

You can make a simple sign to place by your garbage disposal that has a list of basic things not to put into the garbage disposal. This includes grease, oil, bones, coffee grounds, egg shells, pasta, and fibrous foods like celery and potato skins.

Unfortunately, there may be a clog that is out of your control and happen at a time you least expect it. Be sure to have the number of a local area plumber ready to go so that they can come unclog your drain in an emergency.