3 Things To Consider When Renting Porta Potties For Outside Events

One glaring issue with hosting an event outside is figuring out where people are going to use the bathroom. Without existing bathrooms with working plumbing, porta potties are going to be the way to go. Renting porta potties requires more thought than picking an amount and having them shipped to your outside event location. There are some considerations that should go into selecting your porta potties.

The Toilet's Holding Tank

Porta potties require a holding tank for the solid waste, but there are multiple ways that it can be done. A basic porta potty is going to collect all the waste with an opening directly under the seat. It's left open, which guests may not find very appealing. Another model handles the waste by flushing it into a holding tank away from your guests. A pedal is often used to operate the flushing mechanism.

The type of tank you use will really depend on the kind of outside event you're hosting. If it is an outside concert where you need a lot of porta potties, basic models will be fine. For a nicer event, you may want to pay more money to upgrade to a flushable toilet, which will make the experience nicer for guests.

The SInk

Sinks are necessary to wash hands after using the bathroom, and the problem of no running water may leave you wondering what to do. Most porta potties do not have sinks, since they typically contain the bare amount of necessities to get by. Advanced models to have more amenities, such as sinks with running water, soap dispensers, and mirrors.

For people that want to save some money, you have the option of using a basic porta potty and then renting a separate portable sink. They will have a very large water tank if you are unable to connect a hose to them, and will give a central place for hand washing. It's great because guests don't have to wait to for an open porta potty to wash their hands, which can be ideal for an outside food festival where people will wash up before they sit down to eat food.

The Special Considerations

Don't forget about getting at least one porta potty that provides handicap access for people in wheelchairs. These units are typically big enough to even provide a diaper changing station, giving families a place to take care of their kids,