What Factors Affect The Price You Are Quoted For A Gas Line Installation

On average, it costs $497 to install or replace a new gas line in your home. But the cost can range from $120 to $1330 depending on several factors. If you are looking to have a new gas line installed or have your existing one replaced, you may wonder what factors affect the cost of your gas line installation, so you can determine where your job may fall in this range. Here are a few of the factors that affect the price you will pay for gas line installation:

If It is a New Installation

One of the factors that effect the price you are quoted for gas line installation is whether you are having a new gas line installed, whether you are replacing an existing gas line or whether you are extending a line off of your current gas line. A brand new gas line installation process costs the most, as new trenches need to be dug and the entire line needs to be installed. Having a line replaced is the cheapest, as the line is usually fast and easy to replace. Having a line extended tends to fall in the middle. 

Where the Line is Being Installed

Another factor that affects how much you are quoted for gas line installation is where exactly the line is being installed and how easy it is to install the line in that location. If the line is being installed in an area where a simple dirt trench needs to be done, the cost is going to be significantly cheaper than if there is a concrete slab that needs to be jackhammered out to lay the line. The more labor that needs to be put into installing the line, the more it will cost. 

The Type of Pipe Being Used

The last factor that affects how much you are quoted for gas line installation is the type of pipe that is being used. Steel and copper are the most commonly used types of pipes for natural gas lines. But PVC, PE, ductile iron pipes, yellow brass pipes, and aluminum pipes may all also be used depending on the type of gas line that is being installed, your budget and weather elements that the line may be exposed to. Some types of pipe, such as copper, are more expensive than cheaper pipes, like aluminum. As such, the type of pipe the contract is planning on using affects the price they quote you. 

If you are looking to install a new gas line or replace an existing one, you will want to obtain quotes from various companies who offer this service. This is the best way to determine approximately how much it will cost for gas line services in your home and find a company that offers fair and reasonable pricing.