Want To Move Your Laundry Room? What To Know

If you have been wanting to move the laundry room in your house to another location, like the second floor, there are some things that will have to happen for this to be done correctly. You will want to first contact a plumbing contractor to see if this can even be done. Next, you will have to pull the permits and get approval from the county for the project. Here are some of the things that you want to talk with the plumbing contractors about while they are at your home. 

Is Plumbing Already There?

It will be much easier for the plumbers to move the washer and dryer to another location if there are already plumbing fixtures in the space. If there are no current waterlines and there isn't easy access to a gas line, it may be difficult for the contractors to make this happen. You may have to switch to an electric dryer, and you may find limitations with this type of appliance.

Second Floor Scenarios

It is a very popular trend right now to put in the laundry room on the second floor of the home. Most of the laundry from the house comes from the upstairs, so it makes sense to have laundry appliances up there. This can prevent you from having laundry spread all throughout the house, and many people prefer to have a layout like this. It will be easiest to make this happen if you want to put the laundry in the space where this is a bath, or against the wall of a bathroom since there is already piping to get to. 

Total Costs 

You will want to consider these different costs and then look at your budget to decide if this is the right project for you and your home:

  • Plumbing expenses 
  • Renovation costs drywall, painting, etc 
  • Potential new appliances 
  • Permits 

You want to know what all of the different costs are going to be, so you know if you can afford to make these changes or not. 

If the current location of your laundry room it's driving you nuts, and you are ready to have it moved to another location in your house, call the necessary plumbing installation contractors to get the project started. This is a great way that you can personalize your home, and add space in another area while you make the home more suitable for your own needs.