Prepare For Plumbing Problems


If you don't stay on top of your home's plumbing and take care of anything that comes up while it is a small issue, then you can find yourself in the middle of some big problems. Once you are dealing with major plumbing issues, it can even become a problem for other areas of your home. For example, ignoring a small leaking pipe can soon become a big leaking pipe with accompanied water damage to the walls and flooring. The information here will give you some helpful insight on different ways you can tend to the plumbing needs of your home when certain issues come up.

Have some basic plumbing supplies on hand – You should keep a tool box handy with some basic plumbing supplies you can turn to in a crunch. In the tool box, you should have plumber's tape, a pipe wrench, a basic toilet repair kit and a flashlight.

Everyone in your home should know how to shut the water off – Everyone in your household should be aware of how to turn off the water to the different areas in the home and know right where the main shut off valve is. This way, when a problem does come up, the water can be turned off to avoid flooding issues and worse problems.

Know how to verify a water leak – If you haven't seen any signs of a water leak, but you are experiencing some pretty high water bills, there is a way you can check to see for yourself if there is a problem. Go to the water meter when you know no water is currently in use and read it. You should see that none of the dials are moving and if they are, then you want to have a plumber come out to locate the leak and repair it for you asap.

Prevent the toilet from overflowing – If you start to see that the water in your toilet bowl is getting higher and higher, indicating it may not stop and will flood all over, remove the lid. Take your hand and push down on the flush valve inside the tank at the bottom. This will stop more water from coming in the bowl while you use the plunger to free up the clog.

Try unclogging clogged drains without using harsh chemicals – When you have a clogged drain, y you should try to unclog it by removing the debris if it is close to the surface or even by putting some baking soda and vinegar into the drain. You want to avoid harsh drain cleaning fluids for the sake of your plumbing system, since they can weaken the pipes.

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