Hard Water & Home Filtration Systems

Water is the one thing in a house that is usually needed on a daily basis, as it is used for various things. The most important need for water is for consumption, which isn't always enjoyable when it comes from the faucet in a house. The taste and hardness of water can vary between households. You can usually tell when water is hard, because it leaves limescale behind on clean dishes and on the faucets. Take a look at the content in the remainder of this article to learn about hard water and the benefits of purchasing a home water filtration system.

What Causes Water to Become Hard?

Water becomes hard due to the amount of minerals that it contains. There are numerous types of minerals in tap water because it comes from the ground. Although municipal water is filtered to remove a portion of the minerals, sometimes large amounts are left behind. For instance, calcium is one of the minerals that can usually be found in large amounts in hard water. When all of the minerals dry up together, they create limescale, which is a white substance.

Can Hard Water Cause Any Harm?

Although there are a substantial amount of minerals that are actually good for your heath in hard water, it is never good to consume too many of them. However, municipal tap water is usually safe enough for you to consume without too much concern. The most harmful aspect of having hard water is that limescale can accumulate inside of plumbing lines and fixtures, which can cause problems. For instance, your plumbing system might experience clogs more frequently than usual. Hard water can also cause problems for the pump system in regards to in-ground swimming pools.

What Does a Water Filtration System Do?

A filtration system does the same job as the one that is used when water is sent through the municipal system. Basically, a home filtration system is able to reduce the amount of minerals that were left in the water from the municipal system. If you use a water well, a filtration system can take the place of a municipal system altogether, such as if you live in a rural area. A home filtration system can force minerals out of water by way of salt. The systems only need to use a small amount of salt to successfully remove a satisfactory amount of minerals.