Why Repipe Your Commercial Building's Plumbing With PEX

Do you have an older commercial building that still has galvanized plumbing? If so, you may be worried about the plumbing corroding from the inside and creating a huge mess. This is something that you simply cannot risk when a pipe burst can lead to a closed business and destroyed inventory. Instead of replacing all of that plumbing with copper pipes, consider using PEX for the following reasons.

PEX Doesn't Freeze

Your building may have a lot of downtime where it is closed for long weekends or holidays, and during that time you do not want to be wasting energy heating huge office space just to keep the pipes warm. The nice thing about using PEX is that the pipes are not going to freeze in cold weather conditions. Know that you can lower the thermostat to a low temperature and that you will not return to the office with frozen pipes.

PEX Provides Easy Installation

Copper plumbing can be used for a home because the amount of pipes needed are small in comparison to a big commercial building. There are a couple twists and turns that are needed for the pipe to reach faucets, but other than that, the installation is straight forward.

For a commercial plumbing, you are dealing with long runs of pipe that need to reach far ends of the building. This can result in a high installation cost for copper plumbing due to all of the joints that need to be made. Even if it is a straight run of pipe, each section of copper needs to be joined together.

PEX plumbing comes on a long roll, and no connections are necessary for all of the turns that the pipe needs to make. This helps the plumbing be installed with relative ease, which lowers your installation costs for repiping your commercial building.

PEX Is Affordable

When you compare copper and PEX in terms of the cost of raw materials, you'll find that PEX is going to be the cheaper material. Expect PEX to cost about one-third the price of copper plumbing, which can lead to some significant cost savings depending on how large your commercial building is. It can help put the repiping project within your budget rather than break the bank.

Reach out to a local commercial plumber like All Rooter Inc. for more information about using PEX. You may be surprised that PEX can be the better option when compared to copper.