The Top 3 Things That Clog Plumbing Pipes

The drainpipes found in your home serve an extremely vital role, and the role they serve is one that you probably rarely think about or appreciate. However, when a plumbing pipe experiences a clog in it, it can disrupt your life and cause a lot of inconveniences. If you have ever dealt with a drain clog and hope to never have another one, you should understand what causes these to happen so you can aim to avoid them in the future. Here are three things that cause the majority of clogs in drainpipes.


Does anyone in your home have long hair or thick hair? If so, hair might be a constant battle you face with your drains, especially with your bathtub drain. When a person with thick, long hair washes their hair, some strands will naturally fall out of the person's head. In the shower, these strands of hair will end up inside the drainpipes and will accumulate over time. As this accumulation occurs, it will often result in a clog forming. If hair gets into a drainpipe, you can count on clogs forming.

You can easily prevent most strands of hair from going down drains, though, and you can do this by placing drain screens over your bathtub drains. A drain screen will stop most particles of debris, including hair, from entering inside. If you can stop the hair from going into the drain, you can prevent drain clogs.  

Food and Grease

The biggest enemy in your kitchen is food and grease. Both of these things will lead to clogs too and that is why you should never place them inside your drains. Even placing a little bit of food in your drain from time to time can eventually cause a clog to form. The best thing to do is scrape your leftover food and grease into the garbage or a compost pile instead of using your drains to wash it away.

Soap Scum

The other huge enemy of your drainpipes is soap scum, and this is probably the hardest thing to avoid as it is a natural byproduct of soap products. If you struggle with soap scum clogs, try using less soap or try switching soap products.

These three things cause a lot of drain clogs, but you can also experience drain clogs from minerals in your water and corrosion in your pipes. If you currently have a drain clog or another type of plumbing issue, you can get help by calling a plumbing contractor.