Why It's Important To Keep Your Drains Clean

When doing your weekly chores around your home, you may remember to dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom, do the dishes, and the laundry, but one of the things you may not ever consider doing is cleaning your drains. This isn't exactly an ordinary chore that you have ever thought about doing, but you should be cleaning the drains regularly. The drains in your home do a great service to you, they take all of your waste and remove it from your home. If these drains aren't clean and clear, that waste may make its way back into your home. Read on for reasons why it's important to keep your drains clean and how to get accomplish this task.

Why Is It So Important?

Think about what goes down your toilet drains, or the waste that is being washed down your sink and other drains in your home. Then consider if this waste and water comes back in through your drains and into your home. This wastewater is toxic and hazardous to the health of your family if it's somehow back-washed back into your home. If it gets onto your floors, or seeps into the walls of your home, it can be a disaster that will require extensive cleanup. 

If your drains are not clear, this is exactly what could happen and this is why keeping your drains clean is so important. If you aren't sure how to do this, you can hire a professional plumber to clean out your drains. You can also maintain and use your drains properly. To use your drains properly, use the tips below.

  • Only Flush Waste. Waste and toilet paper are the only two things you should ever flush down your toilets. Flushing anything other than this can cause a clog. Flushable wipes, feminine products, and baby wipes should never be flushed down your toilet drain and should be disposed of in your garbage instead. If you have sensitive toilets, switch to quick-dissolving toilet paper.
  • Use Drain Stops In All Of Your Faucets. Every faucet in your home should have a drain stop. It helps prevent larger items from going down the drain and causing a clog. The drain stop in your kitchen will prevent food particles from being washed down the drain, and the ones in your bathroom sinks and bathtubs can prevent other items from getting washed down the drain as well.
  • Dispose Of Grease/Oils Properly. Oils and greases should not be washed down your kitchen sink, or flushed down your toilet. They can harden further down the drain pipe and cause a clog. Dispose of these properly rather than washing them down your drain.

If you are a homeowner, you most likely take the time to clean your home doing your weekly chores, but usually neglect your drains. Hire a professional plumber to clean the drains in your home for you to ensure they are taking the waste away from your home and to prevent an unexpected backup in your home. Find drain cleaning services in your area today.