3 Reasons To Call In A Commercial Plumber About A Clogged Toilet

If your toilets are acting up at your business location, it can be tempting to try to address the issue yourself. However, if your toilet is clogged, it is usually best to call in your local professional plumber to come and take care of the issue for you.

Save Your Toilet From Self-Induced Harm

When you try to fix a clogged toilet on your own, it can be easy to cause more damage to the impacted toilet and the plumbing pipes. A regular plunger generally will not damage the toilet or the plumbing lines. However, if you get more creative and try to use a drain snake or de-clogging chemicals, it can be easy to actually cause damage to your toilet and pipes. The only thing worse than a clogged toilet at your business is a toilet that doesn't even work.

Damage Is Not Always Obvious

You may think that a clogged toilet is caused by too much toilet paper in the toilet; however, oftentimes with a toilet clog, the actual cause of damage is hidden. A common hidden issue with commercial toilets is tree roots that have gotten into the plumbing system. For example, the nearby trees in the parking lot could have extensive root systems that invaded your sewer connection and are causing the toilets in your business to get backed up. Or you could have some old pipes that are just falling apart that are causing your toilet to get backed up.

The reason your toilets are clogged may not be obvious, which is why it can be smart to bring in a commercial plumber.

Clogs Can Get Worse

It is possible to make a clog get worse. If you don't break down the clog correctly, the clog could temporarily dislodge and travel through the pipes, only to get stuck again further down the line. This can cause your toilets to get backed up again, shutting down the bathrooms yet again. When the clog gets stuck further down the plumbing line, water is likely to back up and flow into your bathroom.

When it comes to dealing with a clogged toilet at your place of business, if a plunger doesn't do the job, it is time to call in a commercial plumbing contractor. A commercial plumber will be able to clear the clog without damaging your toilet or pipes and without pushing the clog further down the line. They will also be able to identify the source of the clog and fix the underlying issue, ensuring access to your business's bathroom at all times.