Does Your Water Have Too Much Iron in It?

There are many nutrients that humans need, and iron is one of them. However, as with many things, too much iron can be a bad thing, creating very negative side effects for the body, not to mention the home. When excess iron enters the household, it infiltrates the aquifers, which generally serve as the primary source for both private and public water supplies. You may not know how to determine whether you have too much iron in your household water, so keep reading below to learn three signs that will let you know.

Metallic Water Taste

When you fill up a glass of water from the sink faucet, you want to receive a beverage that is clean and fresh. However, if the water has too much iron in it, then the taste of that water is going to have a flavor of metal, which is not tasty. The presence of iron in the water will impact the water's taste and may even cause your teeth to stain. It is possible to use a water filter at the kitchen faucet to combat the side effects, but if you want to avoid any long-term damage to the entire home's plumbing system, then you will want to speak to a professional about the installation of a whole-water filtration system.

Presence of Stains and Rust

Water poses a significant threat to the majority of metals. In the event that iron is exposed to water, it will rust. Because of this, the iron in the water can result in stains on various items that the iron deposits come into contact with, including sinks, toilet bowls, and even clothing. You may even begin to notice rust on your dishes, razors, and inside the dishwasher. A water treatment system can help remove iron deposits from the water supply before they have a chance to enter the household water.

Frequent Plumbing-Related Issues

Although iron deposits are unable to infiltrate the water supply line due to old pipes, they can stick to them. As a general rule, the issue will build slowly, starting with slower drainage and resulting in regular clogs and then backups. A water filtration system will help to avoid a complete blockage from occurring, which would likely result in the need for the whole section of piping that is affected to be replaced.

If you are worried about your home's water supply having excess iron in it, you need to contact a water treatment company, such as Water Tec, for assistance.