Tips To Prevent Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks can trigger mold growth, fill your house with a foul odor, encourage pest infestation, and even damage your house's structure, among other complications. Fortunately, plumbing leaks are avoidable — you can prevent them. The following tips should help keep plumbing leaks at bay.

Maintain Safe Water Presser

The high water pressure causes plumbing leaks if the pressure exceeds the tolerances of the plumbing seals. Take these tips to maintain safe water pressure:

  • Replace corroded pipes since corrosion can clog pipes and increase water pressure
  • Soften hard water so that minerals don't accumulate within the pipe
  • Adjust the pressure regulator to the correct pressure

A plumber can help you diagnose and correct high water pressure in your house.

Prevent Pipe Freezes

Frozen water expands. Water in frozen water pipes can expand and damage the pipes. If that happens, leakages might occur when the pipes thaw and the water unfreezes. These steps will prevent pipe freezes and related damages:

  • Ensure adequate heating at all times
  • Insulate your house adequately
  • Turn off the water supply if you plan to be away for a long time
  • Drain faucets and hoses if the house will be vacant for a long time

For pipes that are already frozen, open the relevant taps, and thaw the pipes so that they don't burst.

Replace Worn Parts

Worn plumbing parts, such as seals and hoses, can also trigger plumbing leaks. For example, a washing machine hose can wear and leak after a few years of usage. Inspect your plumbing system regularly so that you can identify and replace such parts.

Prevent Drain Blockages

Both freshwater and drainpipes can leak. Drainpipes usually leak due to blockages that increase pressure within the pipes. These tips will prevent drain blockages:

  • Don't dispose of wastes in the toilet
  • Keep hair and scum away from bathroom drains
  • Regularly flush your drain system
  • Prevent root intrusion into your drain pipes
  • Ensure your vents are open and operational all the time

Don't rely on drain chemicals to prevent blockages. Such chemicals don't work on all clogs and can even corrode your pipes.

Maintain Plumbing Appliances

Plumbing appliances can also malfunction and leak. Toilets, showers, bathtubs, and washing machines all need regular inspection and maintenance to prevent leaks.

Hopefully, these tips will help you avoid plumbing leaks. However, some leaks might appear without warning or due to circumstances beyond your control. In such cases, turn off your water supply and contact a plumber for a diagnosis and repair.

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